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ABU DHABI INVEST is officially represented in Mexico City

Following our vision to become a global investment we recognize the incredible investment potential in Mexico as a strong economy in Latin America. German companies will increase their investment in Mexico, as most German entrepreneurs are expecting new investments for 2017. With already more than 2000 German companies represented in Mexico for several years, Germany will continue to invest billions in Mexico in the new year 2017. Over 75% of German companies in Mexico will increase their investment in 2017 and 54% of the German companies in Mexico will hire more employees. This shows the large degree of trustworthiness with regard to the business environment in Mexico as one of the most steady investment destinations globally.

Abu Dhabi German Capital from ABU DHABI INVEST will also bring GCC investments closer to countries like Mexico and advise Mexican investors to invest in the GCC. As a top German investment company serving the GCC market for almost a decade now, ABU DHABI INVEST is confident regarding their vision and goals in Latin America as well.


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